Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feast of Blades

So, I went to one of the local stores (next town over) and one of the people there was talking about how he was the Arizona Feast of Blades representative, and a friend of that store owner, and they said they were going to have a qualifier soon.  I have always wanted to do a big event against people from outside my meta (even though I haven't been playing a lot lately), so I looked into it.

40k Qualifier 2014 7th edition format:

  • 1500 points
  • Battleforged Rules:
    - One "Combined arms detachment," and
    - Up to one of the Following: a) Another combined arms detachment b) An allied detachment c) A single formation
  • Stronghold assault not allowed
  • The following list of Fortifications are allowed: Aegis line, Bastion, Skyshield, Fortress of Redemption. 
  • Forgeworld is not allowed.
  • Lords of War are not allowed.
According to the FAQ, imperial knights will be allowed (presumably as the allied detachment).  Given my recent experience with Imperial Knights, I think that a lot of people are going to take them, and that one of the only ways to counter an Imperial Knight, especially at 1500 points, is another Imperial Knight; I managed to kill one at 2000 points, but it cost me 2 land raiders to do it, so I bought an Imperial Knight.

Given the inclusion of a super heavy, I expect to see a few armies - one is the Imperial Knights (got that covered).  I also expect to see Necrons, probably with a lot of flyers (so I need a way to neutralize that).  I also expect that there will be some Eldar or Dark Eldar with lances and haywire grenades.  (This store is out of town, so I don't really know  the meta, although I know at least one plays Dark Eldar).  An IG tank line could also be a problem, although I calculate that, from the shield side (and most tank / gun lines are not very mobile), it would take 36 LasCannon shots do kill an Imperial Knight (part of the calculation that led me to get one for this tournament).

I have enough IG and Space Marines that I can field either to support the Imperial Knight.   The Imperial Knight worlds have "met-at-arms" which are compared to IG planetary defense forces, and they also mention mounted troops (several groups of bikers with power lances and "knight" heads would look pretty cool too (assuming I convert and paint them all - which I am tempted to do, except that the actual FoB Tournament will allow Stronghold Assault and Lords of War, so I am not sure that I will use the same army, assuming I win the qualifiers).

For the points, I am leaning toward IG, only because I can take 2 flyers, and still have lots of units (but they are IG - I like IG stories and background, but I am more used to player mech and / or power armor... Decisions....

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