Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines 2000 pts

After my fight with the Blood Angels, I made some tweaks to my list and played a game against Chaos Space Marines.  The biggest changes were dropping the DA scouts and devastators, but this allowed me to take one less heavy weapon than before, but gave me 3 more meltas, as well as 20 more models.  The role of the scouts was also taken over by the special weapons squad, although the loss of infiltrate was a bit painful. 

Blood Angels vs Dark Angels 2000 pts

With my lessons learned and an idea for an army list firmly in my head I invited over one of my friends for a 2000 pt game.  This would be my first game using my allied detachment, and I really wanted to see how this would work.

My First Army Lists

So, one thing I am really having to get used to is the nerfing of vehicles in this edition.  In 5th edition, I played primarily a parking lot list with Land Speeder support.  I tried this list in my first two games of 6th edition and split my games, winning one and losing one. 

Let's get started

So, I have considered starting a blog for some time, mostly because I enjoy writing up Battle Reports.  With the advent of 6th Edition, I think I am finally ready to try my own blog and I will try to keep up with it.

I primarily play Dark Angels, although I also have Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Tyranids.  By far, my Dark Angels are my largest army with approximately 18,000 points.