Monday, September 10, 2012

2000 points Dark angels vs Blood Angels

This weekend I played a 2000 point game against Himkano.  We are both going to be attending a 2000 pt Purge the Alien tournament at the end of this month, so we decided to test each others tournament lists.  Himkano has posted a Battle Report as well, and you can see it on his page, with pictures here.

Belial paced the officer's quarters aboard the strike cruiser Illuminatus Irati.  He had been tasked by the inner circle to head to the remote imperial world of New Europa.  Recent comms from the world had reported a strange warp signature coming from a remote area of the badlands outside of the world's largest city.  What no one else knew however was that this signature had been linked to the Fallen and thus the Inner Circle had immediately sent one of their fastest ships with a small group of Deathwing Veterans to investigate and keep others from discovering anything against the chapter.

As the Cruiser approached the planet, Belial received a transmission from the Gigantic Retribution Class Imperial Battleship orbiting the planet.  "Master Belial, this Lord Commissar Grealey of the Dorellian 2nd Regiment.  We have scanned the planet and strangely, there is no sign of life.  We have deployed several battalions to secure the City of Helmswood...or what's left of it.  The Blood Angels have also responded and are already on planet and headed to investigate the warp signature."

Belial had to act fast, he could not allow the Blood Angels to reach the signature before he could, and if they did, he had to ensure that they were unable to gather any information that was of value to the Inner Circle.  "Lord Commissar, we will deploy in support of the Blood Angels immediately."

The Lord Commissar, however, had a different idea in mind than what Belial wanted. "Master Belial, the 3rd Infantry Platoon, 1st company will rendezvous with you on site."

"That will not be necessary, I am sure the Astartes can handle this on their own." Belial replied.

"I am sorry Master Belial, but my men are already on their way.  I will tell them that they are under your command.  Grealey out."

Belial was not accustomed to being spoken to in this manner, but this was a Lord Commissar.  He would deploy his small group down to the planet and deal with the Blood Angels first and then if needed, he could deal with the guardsman as well.  A Landing Craft launched and headed for the coordinates of the Warp signature carrying squads Vindictae and Ultionis of the Deathwing along with a devastator squad from the 3rd Battle Company and a Land Raider tank.  For now, Belial held his own personal retinue on board the Cruiser in reserve in case they were needed.

As Veteran Sergeant Uriel of Deathwing Squad Vindictae arrived on site, he was immediately approached by an imperial guardsman.  The decoration on the guardsman's uniform quickly identified him as a Captain.  "Sergeant, my men are at your disposal.  Has Master Belial arrived?"  The captain looked diminutive standing before the massive form of Uriel in his Terminator Amor.

"No, Captain, Master Belial will not be joining us just yet.  He has put me in charge of operations here on the ground.  But he is keeping a close eye on the situation."  Uriel began to look out across the field where the ruins of an imperial outpost was visible. "Is that where the signal is coming from?" Uriel asked pointing to the outpost.

"Yes, Sergeant.  However the Blood Angels have already arrived and are investigating. I have 1st squad and my personal retinue here and ready.  2nd squad is in bound aboard two Vendettas from the 213th Aviation Battalion. What are Master Belial's orders?"  The Captain awaited Uriel's response.

Uriel switched his comms and relayed the Captain's report to Master Belial.  Master Belial's orders horrified Uriel.  Immediately, Uriel switched off his comms and relayed the orders to the Captain.  "Captain, we have been betrayed.  The Blood Angels on site have become corrupted by whatever warp power that exists in that outpost.  We are to engage immediately.  Order you men to prepare for battle!"

Uriel could hardly believe what he was just told as he led his squad into the lumbering Land Raider.  Devastator squad Lion's Claws took off at a light trot toward a tall ruin on the West side of the ruined outpost while Squad Ultionis took position in the ruins of a building immediately to the East of the devastators.  Uriel's land raider then headed up behind the tall ruins behind the devastators.  On the East flank, The Imperial guard captain and his squad took up position in a small ruined command building while 1st Guard Veteran squad took up positions amongst the debris and rubble around what looked like impact craters.  Uriel still had no idea what had happened on this world.

As Uriel looked out toward the other end of the outpost, he could make out the shapes of not one, but two Standard pattern Land Raiders with Blood Angels insignia.  "All forces, enemy sighted.  Fire at will!"

------Turn 1------
Before the Blood Angels could even react, missiles and laser blasts began pelting the Blood Angels tanks and the surrounding terrain.  Thanks to the heavy armor on the tanks, the Blood Angels were able to survive the barrage with no significant damage.  Meanwhile, The guard captain had relayed Belial's report and orders to the Lord Commissar still in orbit and had managed to secure the use of the Battleship's Orbital Bombardment batteries.  The Master of the Ordinance attached to the Captain's squad relayed the Blood Angel coordinates to the battleship, but the blasts failed to score a direct hit on the massive tanks.

The Blood Angels, now alerted to the fact that the Imperial forces ahead of them were actually a threat withdrew back behind some rock formations for cover.  As they withdrew they opened fire on the Imperial guard Command retinue in the command building.  Lascannon blasts, melta fire and heavy bolter rounds blasted massive holes in the walls of the building, but the guardsmen managed to take cover as chunks of ceramite and ferracrete flew around the building.
------End Turn 1: DA-0/BA-0------

------Turn 2------
Belial watched the small skirmish aboard his cruiser.  "Uriel, I will hold off on deep striking to your location unless the Blood Angels have reinforcements."  Belial was confident that his men could handle the Blood Angels on the ground.

Back at the outpost, Uriel ordered his Land Raider forward and it zipped out from behind the tall ruins and headed toward the enemy Land Raiders.  Squad Ultionis also moved forward in an attempt to get a better vantage point to fire their Cyclone at the Blood Angels.  Missiles and Lascannon blasts once again fired, but again they mostly bounced off of the thick Land Raider armor, although one Lascannon blast did manage to tear a hole in one of the Land Raider's track guards.

Suddenly on the horizon a single Bloodraven came into view and as it flew toward the Dark Angels lines, it dropped off a squad of Death Company and a Death Company Furioso pattern Dreadnought equipped with giant talons.  The Bloodraven opened fire on the devastator squad turning one of the marines carrying a missile launcher into a fine red mist.  The Land Raiders now with the added support brought by the Bloodraven advanced forward firing as they advanced.  The guardsmen, once again took cover and the tanks failed to find their mark.

"Master Belial, I believe we may need you now.  The Blood Angel reinforcements have arrived, and it appears to be a significant force."  Uriel relayed the report over comms in a calm and steady voice.
------End Turn 2: DA-0/BA-0------

------Turn 3------
The air behind the Death Company shimmered and suddenly Belial appeared leading another squad of Deathwing Terminators carrying the renowned Deathwing Standard.  With the arrival of Belial, Uriel ordered his men out of the tank, and along with the other Deathwing squad, advanced on the Blood Angel Death Company and Dreadnought.  The Devastators and the Land Raider opened fire on the Death Company dreadnought and one of the blasts ignited the prometheum tanks fueling the dreadnought's heavy flamers.  The dreadnought went up in an incandescent fireball and as the smoke cleared, all that could be seen of the dreadnought was burning chunks of scrap metal.  Belial and the other squads also fired on the Deathwing and managed to kill 2 of the marines as Squad Vindictae charged into their ranks.  The combat was fierce as Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers tore through the Death Company.  Several of the Death Company fell in the initial charge, but the remaining 4 fought on and their Power Axes manged to fell two of the Terminators.

The Blood Angels called in yet another Bloodraven which streaked in firing as it came.  The other Bloodraven adjusted it's jets and went into hover mode providing even more firepower to the battle now raging near the Dark Angels section of the battle line.  Several blasts tore into the devastators killing another two marines, while on the other flank the Land Raiders continued their advance and manged to kill two of the guardsman making up the imperial guard Command Squad.  Despite the losses, the Captain managed to keep his men in the fight.  Meanwhile, the close combat raged on between the Death company and the Terminators, but the Death Company fell beneath the weight of weapons of the Terminators and the terminators then began stepping over the bodies of the fallen as they advanced on the Land Raiders.
------End Turn 3: DA-3/BA-0------

------Turn 4------
Finally, the Guard's Vendetta's arrived on the battlefield and as they zoomed in they opened fire with 6 twin-linked lascannons on the Bloodraven that had just arrived.  The blasts tore through the Bloodraven's armor and it went crashing down in flames.  As the Blood Raven hit the ground and exploded, a lone Blood Angel managed to bail out in time, but he was not unscathed.  The dreadnought on board the Bloodraven unfortunately did not make it out and was lost among the wreckage.  Among the flames and smoke, the lone form of Mephiston arose, bloodied, but still ready for battle.  2nd squad also bailed out of the back of the Vendettas with their grav chutes and opened fire on the hovering Bloodraven, but were unable to bring the flyer down.  Belial and his squad advanced toward the Bloodraven as squad Vindictae continued moving toward the Blood Angel Land Raiders.  Meanwhile, Squad Ultionis moved to intercept Mephiston.  Squad Vindictae let out a battlecry as they charged into the Land Raider.  The Hammers came down and tore chunks out of the Land Raider's armor, but still the tank continued it's implacable advance.  Belial and his squad also charged at the hovering form of the Bloodraven and tore it apart. As the Bloodraven fell, the resulting explosion took down one of the Terminators in Belial's squad.

The Blood Angels continued to fight.  Mephiston headed for the Land Raider as the two Blood Angel Land Raiders moved forward.  The Western-most Land Raider opened it's front ramp and a group of screaming assault marines came pouring out charging straight for the Guard squad that had dropped onto the battlefield from the Vendettas.  A shot from the Land Raider took down the last Devastator carrying a heavy weapon, leaving only the Sergeant.  The Other Land Raider opened fire on the Imperial Guard Command squad killing another trooper and finally, even with the leadership of the Captain this became too much.  The command squad went into a panic and fled.  Mephiston opened his mind to the warp and a blade made of what appeared to be blood appeared in his hand as he began systematically tearing the Land Raider apart.  The Land Raider exploded leaving Mephiston standing among the smoldering debris.  The Assault marines finally came to grips with the guardsmen from the Vendettas and made quick work of them, although a lucky shot from the guardsmen managed to down a marine.
------End Turn 4: DA-6/BA-3------

------Turn 5------
Uriel's group moved toward the assault marines as Belial moved up to support them in their charge.  Belial's squad continued to advance on the Land Raider.  Squad Ultionis also continued their advance on Mephiston.  Missiles flew out from all of the Cyclones, wounding Mephiston twice, and dropping another Assault marine.  Squad Ultionis charged Mephiston and finished him, but not before Mephiston managed to kill two Terminators.

The Blood Angels deployed another assault marine squad from the last Land Raider, which headed straight for the last imperial guard veteran squad. The Blood Angels assault marines opened fire on Belial and his group but failed to do any damage.  Meanwhile the Landraiders opened fire on the Vendettas, sending them both plummeting to the ground in flames. As the Assault marines charged the last veterans, all that could be heard was the sound of chain swords carving through armor, flesh and bone and the screams of the dying guardsmen.  As Belial looked on, he saw that not one guardsman had survived. 
------End Turn 5: DA-8/BA-5------

------Last Turn------
Belial and his group assaulted the assault marines and killed them all except for the sergeant.  The sergeant began to retreat away from Belial and the rest of his squad.  Finally, the damaged Land Raider also exploded under the combined chainfist, power fist, and thunder hammers of Belial's retinue squad.

The Blood Angels were now routed, they attempted to regroup, now in the enemy's deployment zone, but had been reduced to combat ineffectiveness.
------End Turn 6: DA-9/BA-6------

Overall, I was quite pleased with my army as a whole, but based on his performance in the last two games, I have decided to scrap my Master of the Ordinance.  Instead, I am adding a lascannon to the Command squad and will be adding another chain fist to the Terminators as well as adding an autocannon to one of the veteran squads.

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