Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2v2 - Dark angels and Salamanders vs Chaos Space Marines and Necrons

So, I managed to get in a game this weekend despite everything I have going on currently.  It was more of a learning game than anything, as most everyone was a beginner (except me), but it was still a lot of fun.

The scenario was 2000 points per side (2x1000 pt lists), playing Purge the Alien with Dawn of War deployment.

My Army consisted of:

Company Master with Power Sword, Storm Bolter, Melta bombs

Command Squad - Champion, Apothecary, Power Axe, Meltagun

Tactical Squad (10-man) - Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino

Tactical Squad (10-man) - Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Sergeant with Plasma Pistol, Rhino

Land Raider Crusader

My ally playing Salamanders had:

Captain in Terminator Armor

Terminator Assault Squad - Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield x5

Tactical Squad - Plasma Cannon, Flamer

Tactical Squad - Heavy bolter, Flamer

Land Raider Redeemer

Our opponents had:
Chaos space Marines:

Sorceror with Mark of Slaanesh and Lightning claws (not sure what the power was as he died before he got to use it)

Khorne Berserkers (20-man) - 1x Plasma Pistol

CSM squad (5-man) - All Bolt Pistol, CCW
CSM squad (5-man) - All Bolt Pistol, CCW




Necron Warriors (11-man)
Necron Warriors (11-man)

Doomsday Ark x2

My warlord had the trait that gives me furious charge in the enemy's deployment zone, while my ally had Night Fighter.  Our opponents had Increased reserves and Conqueror of Cities.

The Dark angels arrived on the Battlefield in their transports.  Master Duriel of the 4th Company accompanied his Command Squad aboard Lion's Vengeance, One of the Chapter's Land Raider Crusaders.  They arrived on the battlefield on the Right Flank behind a small rock outcropping.  Tactical Squads Incarius and Gladius both combat squaded.  Sergeant Mathieu led 5 marines from Incarius aboard the rhino to include Brother Sergiel and his flamer, while Sergeant Halruan led half his squad aboard the other rhino including Brother Corian and his meltagun.  The other half of both squads deployed into the high ruin in the middle of the deployment zone and behind a destroyed Rhino on the left flank.  Meanwhile, the Salamanders deployed with their Redeemer carrying their captain and the terminators on the Right flank next to the Dark Angel's Land Raider, and one squad in the high ruins with the Heavy Bolter at the top of the ruin for maximum field of vision.  The other Salamander squad deployed behind some craters on the left flank.  The scouts moved forward ahead of the landraiders and took up position in a large crater.

The Enemy arrived with the large group of berserkers with the sorceror attached near the left flank along with one of their 5-man squads and the Maulerfiend and only a single 5-man squad on the right flank.  The necrons split their forces fairly evenly, with an ark on each flank, a warrior squad on each flank and the Monolith in the center.  Obyron joined the Necron warriors on the left flank. 

Turn 1:
As Dawn approached, the forces of Chaos began their advance, all of their forces ran across the landscape straight toward the imperial lines.  Meanwhile, on the righ flank, the warriors advanced and the Ark took up position in a nearby ruin.  On the Left flank, the warriors there also advanced along with the monolith.  The night air suddenly lit up as the ark on the left flank opened fire with its doomsday cannon on one of the Dark Angel Rhinos, however, thanks to night fighting and the cover of the land raider, the Rhino was able to evade the blast.  The other Ark fired at the Salamanders  at the top of the high ruin and managed to kill 2, and the necron warriors on the right flank fired on the scouts, killing 2.  The scouts shaken by the casualties, withdrew from their position, but quickly recovered.

The Dark angels advanced in mass with their vehicles.  The Salamander Redeemer also tried to keep pace with the Dark Angel advance, but one of it's tracks got caught on the lip of a crater and the vehicle came to a screeching halt.  The Terminators inside, left with no other choice, poured out of the vehicle toward the enemy lines.  the other Salamanders remained in their positions.  Assault Cannon fire spilled out from the Land Raiders killing 2 of the 5-man squad on the right flank.  Meanwhile, the combined fire of both DA combat squads and the Salamander squads killed 5 Berserkers and the sorceror thanks mostly to the Salamander Plasma Cannon. The small Chaos 5-man squad on the right flank panicked and retreated.

Score: Imperium-3 (First Blood, Warlord, 1-KP)/CSM & Necrons -0

Turn 2:
The forces of chaos continued their movement toward the imperial lines as the small unit on the right flank regrouped.  The Maulerfiend had closed with the Salamander squad on the Left flank and the berserkers were right behind.  The Monolith also sucked in the Warriors from the Right Flank and they poured out of the portal near the middle of the field.  The Heldrake also came screaming onto the battlefield to appear right in front of the Salamanders on the left flank.  Necrons opened fire, killing another Salamander in the ruins and one of the arks fired on the Dark Angel Landraider, but failed to do anything to the armored behemoth.  However, the blast caught the Rhino behind the Land Raider and glanced the Rhino's armor. The Heldrake's baleflamer scorched 3 Salamanders on the left flank. The Maulerfiend then charged into the Slamanders and killed 4, forcing them to fall back off of the table.

The Dark Angels' Land Radier moved straight toward the Ark in the ruins on the right flank, while the Rhinos changed direction to support the now embattled Salamanders.  As the DA Land Raider closed the distance, Duriel and his command squad came pouring out of the landraider, with the command squad moving toward the Ark, and Duriel moving toward the small 3-man squad of Chaos marines.  Meanwhile, The Salamander Terminators also advanced toward the Chaos marines.  The DA landraider opened fire on the Ark, immobilizing it and glancing it once.  The command squad also threw krak grenades at it and fired their meltagun but failed to hurt the ark.  Duriel and the Salamander captain then fired on the Chaos marines killing another one.  On the other side, everything fired on the berserkers, killing another 6.  Duriel and The salamanders then charged the Chaos marines while The command squad charged the Ark.  Thanks to some well placed krak grenades and the power axe, the Ark was destroyed, and Duriel made quick work of the remaining Chaos marines.

Score: Imperium-5/CSM & Necrons - 1

Turn 3:
The Berserkers moved into position to charge the Dark Angels Combat squad behind the old destroyed rhino terrain, while the maulerfiend moved toward the salamanders in the high ruin.  The Heldrake turned 90 degrees and zoomed over the ruins toward the Right flank.  Obyron then teleported himself and his warrior squad into the imperium's deployment zone where the Salamanders on the left flank had once been.  The other warrior squad advanced on the Command squad and got into rapid fire range.  The necron warriors fired and killed 2 of the Command squad.  Meanwhile the ark and monolith fired at the DA land raider and managed to glance it.  The Heldrake flamed the scouts and killed them.  The berserkers then charged the DA combat squad while the maulerfiend charged the salamanders in the ruins.  The Berserkers made quick work of the Dark angels, but lost 2 berserkers thanks to overwatch and a lucky hit by one of the DA marines.  The maulerfiend killed two Salamanders, but the Salamanders held.

The Dark Angel Command Squad advanced toward the Warriors and were joined by Duriel.  The Salamander Terminators also advance toward the Necrons.  The DA Landraider also attmepted to move closer to the Monolith but it got caught on a ruin and was immobilized.  The Dark Angels fired everything they could at the Necron Warriors killing 4, but 2 got back up.  Meanwhile the two DA rhinos had closed on the 5-man Chaos marine squad on the left flank and managed to kill 3 of them.  The command squad and Duriel charged into the Warriors.  Between all of the attacks, 5 Warriors fell, and they failed their morale and were ripped apart in a sweeping advance.  Meanwhile, the Maulerfiend ripped apart another two Salamanders, but the Salamanders still held.

Score: Imperium - 6/CSM & Necrons - 3

At this point we called the game as it had gotten late (like I said, learning game, so things went a little long).  We determined that likely based on the positions on the board, The Chaos forces would have lost their other 5-man squad.  We also determined that they would have likely killed the Salamnaders, and at least one rhino.  Even though we did not finish the game, I had a good time, and they all said they did as well.  They also learned more about 40k and we will be starting a Planetary Empires campaign in a couple of weeks.

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