Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Small Games - 1000 Point Dark angels vs Chaos space Marines

I played two small 1000 point games this weekend.  It has been a loooong time since I've played games at such a low point value, but it was quite fun.  For this game I decided to go with a small Deathwing detachment.  I was a bit worried about the low model count, but it ended up working rather well.

My List:
Belial with LC

Terminator Squad with TH/SSx2, LCx2, CF/SBx1, Cyclone
Terminator Squad with TH/SSx2, LCx2, CF/SBx1, Cyclone

Venerable Dreadnought with AC/PF

Land Raider Crusader

My opponent brought:
Sorceror of Slaanesh with Terminator Armor, LC, Combi-melta

CSM 5-man Squad with Combi-melta, melta
CSM 5-man Squad with PF/Plasma Pistol

Berserkers x15 with Plasma Pistolx1



The game was Emperor's Will with Vanguard deployment

I deployed my army with one Terminator Squad holding my objective and the Dreadnought out in front of the squad, in cover behind an Imperial Statue and The other Terminator Squad and Belial mounted in the Crusader on the other flank ready to assault the enemy's objective.  My opponent deployed his Berserkers behind some trees across from my Land Raider, his melta CSM squad near his objective, and the other CSM squad with the Sorceror attached on the other flank along with the Maulerfiend.

Turn 1:
I deployed second, and failed to seize the initiative, so my opponent started things off.  He advanced and ran with his entire army.  The berserkers moved into the woods in front of them while the maulerfiend took up position in the middle of the battlefield.  The melta squad moved into a building in front of the Chaos objective, and the Sorceror's squad advanced toward the Dark Angel's objective.  As the Chaos Forces Advanced, the Land Raider and Dreadnought inched forward and let loose with everything at the Berserkers.  4 berserkers went down, and Belial and his squad came pouring out of the land raider.  The rest of the Dark angels shooting managed to kill one marine from the Sorceror's squad, but nothing else.  Belial and his squad charged in and the Sergeant in the terminator squad issued a challenge that the skull champion had to meet.  Between Belial and the Lightning Claw Terminators, 6 Berserkers died, and no terminators died in return.  The Thunderhammer and Chainfist accounted for another 2 berserkers.  However, the Skull Champion got a lucky hit in the challenge and killed the Terminator Sergeant.  He got Eternal Warrior from the boon table and combat continued.

Turn 2:
My opponent moved his Maulerfiend to support his Berserkers and the Sorceror's squad continued to advance toward the Dark Angels Objective.  The melta Chaos marine squad disembarked from their building and moved into cover with their objective.  The Heldrake came on and screeched straight for the Terminator squad holding the objective, and the flamer killed two Terminators.  The maulerfiend charged into combat with Belial and his squad.  Belial killed 2 more Berserkers, and then the Lightning Claw terminators took out the champion.  The Maulerfiend then attacked and killed the Thunderhammer and one of the Lightning claws.  The Chainfist closed with the Maulerfiend and got 2 hits, immobilizing and shaking the mauler.  Meanwhile the Dreadnought advanced toward the sorceror and killed another marine with it's assault cannon. And thanks to a lucky AC shot from the Land Raider, the Heldrake took a locked velocity hit.

Turn 3:
My opponent moved toward the Dreadnought, but failed to do any damage to the dread with the plasma.  The Heldrake had no choice but to fly off the table.  On the other side, The terminators lost the other Lightning Claw to the Maulerfiend, but the Chainfist finally brought the maulerfiend down.  Belial and the Chainfist (which also had the Cyclone) consolidated toward the chaos marines on the objective.  The Dark angels Dreadnought opened fire again on the sorceror and his squad and killed another marine.  Meanwhile, Belial and the Cyclone advanced toward the Chaos Objective, supported by the Land Raider and between all the weapons firing, managed to kill two Chaos marines.  The Dreadnought then charged into the Sorceror's squad and killed the Sorceror and another marine, but the Powerfist managed to glance the Dread.  The Chaos marine then retreated, but was hacked down as he ran.

Turn 4:
The Heldrake came back on the table and again headed for the Dark angel Objective.  This time, it also did a vector strike on the dreadnought, causing a glancing hit.  The flamer hit all 3 of the remaining terminators, but failed to kill any of them thanks to the terminator armor.  The melta squad opened fire on Belial and the Cyclone, but were out of melta range and so could not kill anything.  The Dreadnought advanced toward the Chaos Objective along with Belial and the Land Raider.  Shooting killed all but the combi-melta champion.  The Cyclone back at the Dark angel Objective also fired on the Heldrake, but missed.

At this point we called the game with my opponent conceding defeat.  I took a few bruises, but this army performed rather well.  I think this may be my army for our Planetary Empires Escalation campaign.  Our first set of games in the campaign will also be 1000 points, and I think this army will perform ok for those early games as my opponents won't really be expecting Heavy armor and terminators.

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