Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Contributor, Hell freezes over. Abbadon searches for a coat.

As you can see marketers are good at cleaning
the smog out of photos of Atlanta.
So Karatekid and I were talking today and now I'm a contributor. I live in the Atlanta area and have a totally different group of people to play with and different culture to play in. I am originally from Phoenix.

That's enough of that.

I am more of a hobbyist than a player. But I do enjoy playing. Also, most of my Warhammer friends have moved to Phoenix or Seattle. With that being the case I started a War-gaming Club at my University. Well, it's not my University, I just attend classes there.

Chaos! RAWR!
I collect mostly Chaos Space Marines, but also Space Marines (Red Wolves) and Dark angels. Our War-gaming club fields Space Marines painted in school colors.

I have The Devil Facebook pages to use as photo galleries of my armies and how to guides of making terrain, mods, and other things. I am certainly not the best out there, but I have won painting competitions. So, I can't be too bad.

Attached are some links to these SoulCrusher Facebook pages and our School's War-gaming club page. Please, check them out! You know, cause it would be nice and stuff.

Dan Wolf's Black Legion
Dan Wolf's Red Wolves
SPSU War-Gaming Club

I have taken the liberty of linking these sites and the Lion's angels facebook page in our list of links.

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