Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Space Marine Codex "rumors"

So far everything I have been hearing about the new SM codex sounds like the playing field has been leveled like in other codices for 6th. There is some cool stuff and there is some crap, but it is the same kinda crap for all armies.
It kind of reminds me of the 80's cartoon "Centurions".
The new Centurion units sound interesting, but they don't have me in a fervor. The new rules on Chapter Tactics (Every chapter has their own Special Rules, MYO Chapters get to select from a list) has me very interested/hopeful.

However the things that has killed me the most are the new rules for Special Characters and Allied requirement. It seems like it's the only thing inconsistent between previous SM codices and the spirit of the SM as an army)
You will no longer be able to field mixed SM armies without resorting to an allied detachment.
So, no more can you have a Salamander Tactical squad, an Ultramarine Tactical squad and Lysander in your fielded SM army. Unlike previous versions, You can't have a "count as" Vulkan unless your fielding Salamanders for your primary or allied detachment.

For those of us with Non-traditional/non-popular armies this is horrible news. I'm concerned there won't be something to console the vast majority of SM players that field MYO chapters or, even like myself, that fields a very obscure codex chapter.

What happened to "So perfect is their understanding of Guilliman's tactics that any grouping of battle brothers can fight side by side each knowing how to finish the job."?

Actually I'm more upset for players like myself. I field Red Wolves. I like fielding Red Wolves. Mostly because they're not Space Wolves. However, MYO chapters will probably get some concept like "Pick which army yours will be a clone of". Obscure chapters, even the ones that get mentioned in the codex, will probably be forgotten. We'll be forced to make our chapter a clone too, just to get the Characters. And that's what will probably happen. All of these Non-"top 6" armies will be able to field any chapter character(s) by "This game they're Ultras, Next game they'll be Raven Guard".

Personally I think that GW is trying to sell more of it's chapter specific stuff, but it won't go the way they're planning. Not for the most part anyhow.

What do you think?

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  1. If those rumors are true, I can not see it as a good thing. However, I think outside of Games-workshop sponsored events, those rules will be out the window. Or this could easily be fixed if more events allowed double force org.