Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's get started

So, I have considered starting a blog for some time, mostly because I enjoy writing up Battle Reports.  With the advent of 6th Edition, I think I am finally ready to try my own blog and I will try to keep up with it.

I primarily play Dark Angels, although I also have Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Tyranids.  By far, my Dark Angels are my largest army with approximately 18,000 points.

I have collected almost an entire Deathwing Company (85 Terminators, 4 Land Raiders, and 2 Venerable Dreadnoughts so far), a little over half of the Ravenwing (5 Bike squads with Attack bikes and Land Speeder and 1 full Land speeder Support Squadron), and a full Battle Company with a few extras.  I will try to get some pictures up of my army soon.

I am quite excited for what 6th edition rules mean for Dark Angels as they have so many fearless units and ways of making things fearless.  I am also really looking forward to trying allies as I think this will really help me shore up those gaps in my army and become more on par with Vanilla marine lists and the more recent marine codex lists.

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