Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My First Army Lists

So, one thing I am really having to get used to is the nerfing of vehicles in this edition.  In 5th edition, I played primarily a parking lot list with Land Speeder support.  I tried this list in my first two games of 6th edition and split my games, winning one and losing one. 

The big thing I noticed was that even in the game I won, the vehicles did not do much for me, except keep my infantry from getting shot to pieces in the early game.  Honestly I am not really sure this is worth it as both of my early games with Dark Angels were against Chaos space Marines with relatively few anti-vehicle weapons and I still lost most of my transports by turn 3-4.  Against any more heavily armed armies, I do not think the vehicles would survive very long at all and since you can't hold objectives while in a transport anyways, I have decided that infantry spam is the way to go.  I may still include vehicles in future lists, but my pure parking lot list is being tabled for now.

With my experience with vehicles under my belt, I decided on a list that looked something like this:

1x Interrogator-Chaplain
1x Command Squad with Apothecary,  Sacred Standard, and Champion

1x 5-man Scout squad with sniper rifles

4x Tactical Squads with a mix of flamers/meltas and missile launchers/heavy bolters

2x 5-man Assault squads with power weapon sergeants/melta bombs

2x 5-man Devastators with Missile Launchers/Lascannons

I tried this list out against Chaos again and it performed much better.  However, since I love running my Angels alongside guard in apocalypse games, I decided to run my list with an allied guard detachment.  This would give me a lot more models on the table and I'd finally be able to try my new Valkyrie model.


  1. How did you take a champion in the command squad without a company master? ;)

  2. Ignore the champion entry, the list included a Power sword marine not a champion.