Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dark Angels/Imperial Guard 2000 point Army List

Having gone through all the units in context with 6th edition play, I have decided on a new list that I will be trying for the first time in a game (or maybe a few games) this weekend.  I am maintaining the philosophy of infantry spam, but am adding a little bit of mobility to the list.  I am also going heavier with plasma because I think more and more people will be shying away from vehicles and going toward infantry making my meltaguns less effective (although I will still maintain a few).

So, here is the new list:

Belial: Twin Claws
Terminator Squad Iratus
     Terminator Sergeant Gabriel: TH/SS
     Apothecary Arandel: PF/SB, Narthecium
     Brother Benestor, Banner Bearer: PF/SB. Deathwing Standard
     1x Terminator: TH/SS
     1x Terminator: Claws, Cyclone

Tactical Squad Parma
     Veteran Sergeant Turien: Bolter
     1x Marine: Missile Launcher
     1x Marine: Plasma gun
     7x Marine: Bolter

Tactical Squad Arcus
     Veteran Sergeant Arasmis: Plasma Pistol/Chainsword
     1x Marine: Multi-melta
     1x Marine: Meltagun
     7x Marine: Bolter

Tactical Squad Spatha
     Veteran Sergeant Lamian: Power Sword/Bolt Pistol
     1x Marine: Missile Launcher
     1x Marine: Flamer
     7x Marine: Bolter

Tactical Squad Hasta
     Veteran Sergeant Daniel: Power Sword/Bolt Pistol
     1x Marine: Multi-melta
     1x Marine: Flamer
     7x Marine: Bolter

Devastator Squad Onagerus
     Veteran Sergeant Harard: Bolter
     3x Marine: Missile Launcher
     1x Marine: Lascannon

Allies: Imperial Guard
1st Company Command Squad, 1-421 Leonians
     Company Commander Captain Garion: Sword(CCW)/Las Pistol
     2x Veteran Trooper: Plasma Gun
     2x Veteran Trooper: Lasgun

Deathdealers Veteran Squad
     Veteran Sergeant Steffen: Chainsword/Las Pistol
     1x Veteran Trooper: Plasma Gun
     2x Veteran Trooper: Melta gun
     6x Veteran Trooper: Lasgun

1st Platoon, 1st Compnay, 1-421 Leonians
  Platoon Command Squad
     Platoon Leader Lieutenant Krippler: Chainsword/Las Pistol
     1x Trooper: Melta gun
     3x Trooper: Lasgun

  1st Squad
     Sergeant Vincent: Chainsword/Las Pistol
     1x Heavy Weapons Team: Missile Launcher
     1x Trooper: Melta gun
     6x Trooper: Lasgun

  2nd Squad
     Sergeant Michaels: Chainsword/Las Pistol
     1x Heavy Weapons Team: Missile Launcher
     1x Trooper: Melta gun
     6x Trooper: Lasgun

Guardsman Marbo

Lion's Fury Valkyrie Gunship: Lascannon, 2x Multiple Rocket Pods

The idea here is a strong backfield held by Squad Iratus and the Imperial Guard infantry platoon deployed as a combined squad.  Devastator squad Onagerus will also remain in the back field to provide fire support.  The Imperial Guard Platoon command will also help with fire support and can also hold objectives for me in the backfield.  The Company Command squad can either stay in the backfield to provide a bit of support against line breakers and aid in issuing orders to the combined platoon or can advance to provide midfield support.  The Valkyrie will transport the veterans to either grav chute onto far objectives or to help soften targets (I believe that with the load out I have given them, they will be able to soften/destroy either infantry or vehicle targets).  Guardsman Marbo can provide a good softening blow as well almost anywhere on the battlefield.  The other marine tactical squads will advance to the midfield and provide both objective holding capability as well as being able to hold up units in hand-to-hand so that the terminators can do their job.  These same tactical squads should also be able to remain close enough to the backfield to aid the units there in the case of heavy deep strike units or outflankers attempting to score points for line breaker.

Overall, this list has several things going for it.  I have OK chances for line breaking; I can drop off the veterans via the valkyrie and in some games, the terminators might even arrive by deep strike using DW assault for an immediate disruption of enemy lines on turn 1.  Because of the lack of vehicles other than the flier, this will truly aid in reducing the effectiveness of enemy heavy weapons fire.  My hope is also that the presence of the flier will draw some fire and keep it off of my advancing units.  It also comes ready with a ton of scoring units, which I can further combat squad or split the combined guard platoon to allow me a more MSU type of list for some games.  The list also provides a decent amount of firepower.  The sheer quantity of strength 8 and above weapons should allow me to punch through most vehicles with ease.  The list includes 7 missile launchers along with 3 lascannons which should at the very least be able to glance even AV13 and AV14 armor to death.  And should I need it, I have mobile tank hunters in the form of the guard veterans as well as 2 multi-meltas for taking out heavy armor once I close with it.

Since I really can only count on the terminators to chop through units in assault, I may have to play gun lines at times against heavy assault armies, but with the firepower I have, I do not think this will be a huge problem.  The only other major drawback I see is just the lack of mobility, but once again, I maintain a couple of mobile units which also have the additional perk of being hard to kill.  Some might also bring up the lack of anti-flyer capability, but with a flier of my own, not to mention just sheer volume of fire, I don't think enemy fliers will be a huge threat...but then again I haven't seen many fliers yet in my games.


  1. Looks good to me, I've gone the other way, and put some vehicles back in. I expect them to die, and as long as I keep in mind that they are there to be destroyed, I think I will be ok with them.

    Are your tactical squad sergeants equipped different because those are the models you have, or are they geared for different roles?

    Is the terminator squad a troop choice, or an actual HQ command squad. I thought about buying a DA book, but the new one is so close to coming out, I will probably wait.

  2. The sergeants are that way because those are the models I have, but honestly, it works out. The terminators are a troop choice. I played a team game yesterday and will be getting the bat rep up soon...I'm quite happy with how my army performed.